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Pricing Varies per Custom Themed Product.


One of the unique offerings from SnapTight Products includes our "Themed Products." 

We love getting Custom EPS Signs-themed projects to design and create for you!  Sometimes the simplest shapes or cutouts are the most satisfying and memorable.  From giant letters to wedding backdrops to faux tree stumps and faux rocks to about anything you could think of we can make that happen for you! 

Made from EPS, coated in polyurea, stucco, and painted. 

If you want to make people remember you, your event, or brand, say it out loud in 3 dimensions. They stand out better than just a flat banner or piece of metal.

 Say it in boldly with foam from SnapTight Products!

If you have an idea or can imagine it, we can design and create it for you! 

Custom EPS Signs

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