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Make Every Last Detail RightNobody notices Mounting Box Covers also known as mounting blocks once they’re installed. That’s exactly the point. They’re designed to serve a purpose and blend in with the rest of the beauty of the home. Mounting blocks are ideal for concealing unsightly cut ends and providing a flat, uniform surface to mount light fixtures, outlets, and more. Use our surface-mount boxes to install outlets, lights, and switches easily and quickly to the exterior of any building.

SnapTight Products exterior light mounting box covers are impervious to the elements. They are made of durable, weather-resistant material from expanded polystyrene foam coated in polyurea and stucco for durability and then painted with A100 exterior paint from Sherwin Williams making these a decorative and lightweight exterior accessory for any building.


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Light Mounting Block

  • 1LB 3.1oz      

    13” H x 8.125” L x 1.625”D 


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