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Residential homes that were built with many of our insulated building products.  

First one is a single family home built for the Parade of Homes in Pocatello, Idaho from start to finish.  This beautiful unique home was a fun project with lots of beautiful details and amazing curb appeal.  This parade of homes house has all of our insulated stucco building products installed on the home. Such as our insulated slate roof panels, (Available soon) outlet & light mounting blocks, gable vents, custom faux rock steps, address plaque, window & door trim packages, decorative trim that goes all around the exterior of the home. Plus, our insulated wall panels in a few different styles such as stucco panel with fine swirl stucco texture, board and batten panels and faux travertine panels. 

French Country Inspired Home

We got the opportunity to install our insulated stucco building products

to the exterior and interior of this beautiful breath taking home. 

As you explore through this beautiful French country inspired home you will see our Mediterranean style S-shaped insulated roof panels, insulated stucco wall panels,

clover gable vents, faux wood beams, and a faux fireplace mantle.

Insulated Stucco Wall Panels
Insulated stucco wall panels, stucco, EPS Foam, gable vent
Insulated Wall Panels
EPS Foam Fireplace Mantel
Insulated Roof Panels
Insulated Roof Panels
Insulated EPS roof panels

Our insulated building products are Energy Efficient, Fire Retardant, Mold Resistant, and can provide an additional insulation R-value of 12 or more.

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