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SnapTight Products Gable Vents Provide Durability, Beauty, And Functionality To Your Home’s Exterior As Well As Practical Ventilation For Your Attic Space.

Made Of A Durable, Weather Resistant Material From Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam, Coated In Stucco, Then Painted Making Them A Decorative And Lightweight Accessory That Is Impervious To The Elements.

Easy To Install With Our Patented Installation Process That Starts With A Metal Cleat That Matches The Corresponding Groove Cut Into The Back Of The Gable Vent, Once The Gable Vent Is Pressed And "Snapped" Onto The Metal Cleat It Is Permanently Attached.


Also available to purchase online with




Gable Vent

PriceFrom $388.05
  • Comes with metal cleats, small bottle of construction adhesive, installation templates with installation instruction manual.

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