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Faux Wood Beams

Faux wood beams are a simple, budget-friendly way to revitalize a room’s décor. Our faux wood beams can accentuate ceilings in interior spaces, giving rooms a warm, cozy feeling, or bring an eye catching detail to the exterior of your porch. They provide the exact look of traditional wood beams, without the extra weight and expense.

How realistic are they? You won’t believe it until you see the actual decorative beam, and the detail of the texture and grain. Because they’re made of durable, weather-resistant material from (EPS) expanded polystyrene foam, coated in polyurea for durability then hand painted to look just like real wood beams. Because they’re made with EPS foam, they won’t warp, rot, split or twist like genuine wood can, thus providing a maintenance-free long lasting durable life. They are a decorative and lightweight accessory for residential or commercial buildings. They are an excellent replacement for solid wood beams to avoid the weight, hassle, and added measures needed to utilize real wood without compromising on the appearance you want. They’re much lighter in weight than actual wood, so cranes and heavy equipment aren’t needed to lift them.

  • Designed to appear like realistic wood without the drawbacks of using real wood

  • Lightweight so it is easier to work with and will not compromise the integrity of your ceiling or structures

  • Made for interior and exterior use

  • Individually painted so each one is uniquely patterned to mimic the nonuniformity of real wood

  • Impact and weather resistant

  • These faux wood beams are easy to install over a 2x4 because of a corresponding notch in the back of the beam. Screws may be used to hold in place until adhesive sets.

Faux wood beams
faux beams
eps wood beam
EPS foam building materials

Custom Faux Wood Beams

Contact Us For A Free Quote On A Custom Faux Wood Beam Design!

EPS foam boards

Faux Wood Beams


They are Easy to Install 

Smooth or Distressed Styles Available

Wood beams

Available in 8 Foot Sections

4” H x 6” W x 8’ L 

6” H x 8” W x 8’ L
8”H x 12” W x 8’ L


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