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SnapTight Products 48-in x 120-in Stucco Board and Batten Wall Panel

Revolutionize Your Home with SnapTight Products' Board 'n' Batten Insulated Wall Panels!


Upgrade your curb appeal effortlessly and experience a transformation like never before with SnapTight Products' cutting-edge Board 'n' Batten Insulated Wall Panel. Picture this: an additional R-value of 12 or more seamlessly added to the exterior of your walls. The benefits? Nothing short of amazing.


SnapTight Products insulated stucco wall panels are made of durable, weather-resistant EPS foam coated with a cement and mesh base and stucco for durability then painted making them an excellent choice for exteriors of residential or commercial buildings, providing a very low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption and being impervious to the elements, while also being made in the USA. SnapTight Products is QAI certified ASTM C1363-19.

  • SnapTight Products insulated stucco wall panels provide an innovative way to beautify and update your buildings exterior curb appeal with so many benefits, Patented system includes cleat designed for easy install with no visible fasteners

  • Glue the batten and snap it into place

  • Fire and impact resistant, with an energy efficient R-value rating of at least 12, increasing with the thickness of the panel

  • Width comes to 45.5 in visible area, total 48 In including tongue and groove, making total wall panel measurement 48 In width, 120 In height, and 2.5 In thickness

  • Wall panel system is pre-finished, saving you money from installing stucco

  • Can be installed in any climate (Install Process Patent No US 11,421,429 B1)

  • Simple way to increase curb appeal and add value to your home

  • Designed to be highly impervious to the elements

  • Can be repainted


Actual Height (Feet)


Coverage Area (Sq. Feet)


Actual Thickness (Inches)


Size (W x H)

48-in x 120-in

Actual Width (Inches)


Package Quantity




Moisture Rating



Mold Resistant




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Board 'n' Batten Insulated Wall Panel

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