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Our patent-pending Upper Cutter is an innovative and versatile tool to add to your workspace.

The Upper Cutter is strategically designed to make optimal use of all cutting implements more efficient and convenient, while also elongating the life of your expensive tools and getting the most life out of the Upper Cutter itself.

  • ​The upper cutter is made from medium-density EPS foam which doesn't dull or bind up your blades as other materials would do.

  • The elevated points on the surface are the key to the longevity and high functionality of the product.

  • The pyramid points and ravine-like structure allow several lengths and shapes of blades to be easily utilized without cutting through the product's foundation, so you can cut through it for years without compromise.

  • Designed so any debris such as sawdust falls into the ravines and out of the way, preventing it from binding up your blades.

  • Set your pencil, measuring tape, or any other tools down into the grooves so they are immobilized and easily reachable right where you need them.

  • Can be placed for use on top of any level surface, such as sawhorses, tables, buckets, and the ground.

  • Upholds the weight capacity of whatever surface it is used on.

  • Lightweight and segmented into nestable pieces for easy transportation and storage.

  • The bottom has a notched lip to secure it to the edges of tabletops or surfaces to add more stability when needed.

  • The grooves make cutting pipe so much easier, simply lay the pipe down, measure, and cut. Our Upper Cutter is also amazing for any jigsaw cutting you need to do.  


So, stop destroying your blades, your sawhorse, or potentially harming yourself! 

Use our Upper Cutter with its unique design for all cutting and construction needs for an unprecedented experience! 

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Safely cut any material with a lower risk of binding


*Foam legs depicted are not included


Adjustable Height


Work Surface Thickness (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Work Top Length (Inches)


Overall Height (Inches)


Work Top Width (Inches)


Width (Inches)


Working Height (Inches)



Safe Working Load (lbs.)






Made in the USA


Also available to purchase online with



Upper Cutter

SKU: 140UC2
  • 2 PIECE

    71 7/8” L x 34 13/16” W x 5 1/8” D with two pieces snapped together

    First piece - 37 1/16”L x 34 13/16”W x 5 1/8”D    2LBS 5.1OZ

    Second piece - 11/16” L x 34 13/16”W x 34 5 1/8” D   2LBS 5.15OZ

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