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Mounting Block for Exterior Outlet.

Our mounting block trims are ideal for concealing unsightly cut ends and providing a flat, uniform surface to mount outlets boxes easily and quickly to the exterior of any building.

They are designed to be impervious to the elements.

Made from medium density EPS foam then coated in weatherproof polyurea, stucco and paint.

  • Creates a strong, level surface to mount your exterior outlet boxes
  • Functional, durable, lightweight decorative accessory
  • Can be applied to any building, any surface
  • Easy to install with included construction adhesive
  • Apply adhesive to the back of the outlet mounting block trim and install around the outlet box
  • Adds a decorative detail that provides a maintenance free surface for easy installation of exterior outlets
  • Can be repainted
  • Simple way to update your homes curb appeal


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Mounting Block

SKU: 072800
  • 10.3 oz  (.64375LBS)

    10.75” H x 8.125”” W x 1.625” D

    Hole size– 3-7/8” H x 2-1/2” L

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