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Revitalize Your Home with SnapTight Products' Window and Door Trims!

Enhance the elegance and charm of your home with our exquisite window and door trims from SnapTight Products. Crafted with precision and designed for both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, our trims offer a seamless blend of style, durability, and easy installation.



Includes Header, Side Trims and Base Blocks

*Light not included


Surround your door with extra detail that adds a touch of sophistication. Installing door trims are a great DIY project to highlight the beauty of any door.

Use our exterior stucco door trims to create an attractive finished look for door openings.

The exterior door trim on your front door is one of the most important parts of a home. It’s regularly used by family and guests, and it’s usually visible from the street. So it plays an important role in the home’s curb appeal and appearance.

SnapTight Products exterior door trim packages are made of durable, weather-resistant material from expanded polystyrene foam coated in stucco for durability then painted making them a decorative and lightweight exterior accessory that is impervious to the elements for residential or commercial buildings.

Easy to install with our patent installation process with metal cleats that matches the corresponding groove cut into the back of the door trim. Once the door trim is pressed and "snapped" onto the metal cleat it locks the trim in place. 





Door Trims

Color Choices


    70.6875”L x 5.5” H x 2.375” D


    55.5”L x 21” H x 5” D

    Base Block

    5.5”L x 11” H x 3.0625” D

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